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1. Junior Cricket Vision Statement

We enter a new decade, but the policy at Sunbury cricket club remains the same as it has been for many successful years. We continue to coach and improve all of our juniors individually, with our main aim to progress them into the adult teams as their game awareness and skills develop.

No other club within a large area can boast the number of junior and ex juniors regularly playing adult cricket season after season. Recent successes of our 1st XI are very notable, and our juniors and ex juniors have played a significant part of that success.

Headed by our lead coach John Maunders, considered by us as the best around, with support from our age group coaches and coaches from our adult playing staff, our juniors receive full attention at all times.

Of course our teams aim also to win competitions, but unlike most clubs this is by no means our only goal. Our juniors are encouraged to play within the spirit of cricket at all times and their development is discussed and noted as they progress through the age groups. Our recent club Player Programme over the last five years has significantly contributed to the ethos, improving players and monitoring their considerable improvement into adult cricket.

Winter training for our age groups has already begun, but as always new juniors members are always welcome and information can be obtained via our website.

John Ventham - Sunbury CC Junior Cricket Manager