Thank you to the membership

Thank you to the membership

By Membership Secretary
23 May
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Incredible support and sign up by members following the opening up of Nets!

Hi all,

We would like to thank our members for the incredible support over the past week since the opening up of Nets ( for more details click here)

Members who have paid are now able to book Nets to train in a controlled environment.

We have tried to address a set of commonly asked concerns around membership fees, nets and related topics here for the sake of members :

Why is the club charging membership when the cricket season hasn't started and also if it starts we are unlikely to get as many games as we would normally?

Most clubs in the region are charging membership fees. The reason behind is that
each club has a fee structure based on a number of factors including its budget and financial obligations. Members can note that our fees are very very competitive across Colts & Adults playing members. This is in spite of having some of the best facilities for cricket.

Although our expenses are kept under check during Covid, we still have expenses that need to be maintained to upkeep the facilities. The membership fees allow us to maintain the high standards and also allows members to use the Nets (as of last week) in a controlled environment.

We had already reduced the adult playing membership in 2020.

In addition, as a token of appreciation and goodwill, we have decided to discount 25% of the membership fees for 2021(next year) for those who have paid their playing membership in 2020.
Discounting the fees for next year doesn't have a bearing on the number of games available to be played in 2021.

In addition to the matted nets (which are available for all members who have paid their 2020 membership), we also have the benefit of having grass nets for 121s run by John Maunders and also used for practise for our elite adult players. Maunders 121 has been more popular than ever after Covid & if you are looking to improve your/(or your kids) game , please contact John directly. He is one of the best coaches around and we are lucky to have him with us.

Please note that the Net bookings for next week are due to open tomorrow. We expect the nets to be popular next week due to half term holidays.

Anyone who hasn't yet signed up for membership can do so today in time to be able to book the net slots when they open up tomorrow.

If adult players are experiencing difficulties in maintaining their membership through loss of earnings because of the pandemic they should contact Ranjit Gopi.
Colts parents should contact Dave Smith. Members must appreciate however that the Club needs your financial support to survive and we cannot easily grant concessions.

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