Controlled Access to the Cricket Nets - Update

Controlled Access to the Cricket Nets - Update

By Peter Browne
24 May
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Public Health Guidance for Limited Usage Strict Conditions and Website Booking System Revisions to Permissable Bookings

This is a revision to the advice on the Club website to reflect the first week of opening under restrictions reflecting the Covid-19 outbreak. The public health requirements and provision for track and trace are unchanged and remain in force. However members will be permitted more slots and may take advantage of booking additional nets for the following day after 9:00pm. Details of these and other booking easements are set out below. The requirement to book a net online remains paramount.

This guidance is driven by public health considerations.

Usage will be strictly regulated based on the terms of the ECB Guidance issued on Friday 15th May. These have at their heart the government’s social distancing and other measures which also remain in place in all respects.

Enforcement of Conditions of Usage of the Nets

This advice is principally to clarify our responsibilities towards fellow members.
Covid-19 is a deadly illness which continues to circulate in the community. Some of us may be young and/or immune but we can also be a carrier of the virus and pass it on to others who may be susceptible to the more severe consequences.
Therefore, the use of the nets will be monitored and the guidance below strictly enforced. As any member or members in breach of the guidance would constitute an unwarranted risk to the health of others they will face disciplinary measures - the minimum penalty for which will be a ban.
Summary of Main Points

• The pavilion, including changing rooms, showers and toilets are closed.
• The Club is required to maintain an accurate written record of contact information for those who have used the nets to support contact tracing in the case of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection. The online booking system has been devised for this very purpose and is compulsory.
• Bookings are for a limited duration of 50 minutes and you must vacate the nets immediately. You may not stay to socialise.
• The government guidelines of social distancing must be observed at all times.
• Only members who have paid a 2020 subscription may book or otherwise use the nets (any member paying a full subscription for 2020 will receive a 25% discount on their subscription for 2021).
Social Distancing

Strict social distancing measures in accordance with government advice are at the heart of the conditions of use:
a) users must cease practising and vacate the nets 50 minutes after the booked start time of each session - do not overstay your allocated time slot which ends at 10 minutes to the hour; you must be clear of the area by the time the next users arrive. You may not stay to socialise.
b) only up to three people (including parents, observing or watching, and colts) may use a single net, if they are from the same household
c) only two members may share a net if they are from different households ¬
d) only two of four nets will be open at any one time with a distance of at least one vacant net between them, i.e. nets nos 1 & 3 or 2 & 4
e) your net will be allocated to you in the booking system – you may not vary this

Other Covid-19 Related Measures to be Observed

As well as washing your hands at home before leaving for the Club:
f) members must bring their own hand sanitiser with them and apply it before entering the nets – the sanitiser must have a minimum 60% alcohol content
g) Covid-19 may be contracted by touching a ball or equipment handled by an infected person – to reduce the risk of this no saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time
h) for the same reason do not borrow equipment – use only your own equipment, including balls – your equipment must be kept in a zipped bag when not in use
i) similarly avoid touching the netting and metal work of the nets
j) the pavilion remains closed and members must not attempt to gain entry at any time

Members Only

k) only members who have paid an appropriate subscription will be able to make a booking – if players are experiencing difficulties in maintaining their membership through loss of earnings because of the pandemic they should contact Ranjit Gopi - Colts parents should contact Dave Smith. Members must appreciate however that the Club needs your financial support to survive and we cannot easily grant concessions.
l) fellow users of your net must also have paid their subscription

Advance Booking of Nets

• Slots will be released for the coming week commencing 25th May by Sunday evening
• Nets can only be used if pre-booked on the on-line system - please see the tracing requirements for Covid-19 as above
• Bookings must include ALL of your fellow net users’ names – please see the tracing requirements for Covid-19 as above
• Members may only participate in one net session per day
• Members may BOOK a maximum of TWO net sessions per week (new)
• After 9pm, free slots for the next day can be booked (max of 1 slot per member). This can also be done for the same day (new)
• If you are already at the nets and see that the next slot is free/not booked yet, you can book and stay in the net for another ONE hour. ONLINE BOOKING IS COMPULSORY and you must book 30 minutes in advance of he new slot (new)
• Bookings will be on a first come, first served, basis
• The nets will be open between 9am and 8pm every day
• Certain slots will be blocked on certain days. Some of them might be released closer to the time
• If you are not planning to use the net after booking, please cancel the slot as someone else might be wanting to use it (new)
• Book by giving NET# start time followed by names of all attendees including the person booking (if attending). For e.g. NET2 9am Tom & Karl new
• All attendees need to be registered on the Sunbury website and be a member of the SccAstroNets team.
• Team admins will be on the lookout for anyone violating however members can also report any violation they see to the team admins. Team admins will be visible on the team page for SccAstroNets.

How to Book

SccAstroNets will be setup to organize and book nets 1 to 4. Members who have paid their subs for 2020 can request to be added to this team by :

On a browser, logging into the sunburycricket website : Your Account-->Manage Roles-->Apply to be a Player-->Other-->SccAstroNets-->Apply

Pitchero club app: Manage my account-->my roles-->apply to be a player-->other-->SccAstroNets-->Apply

Parents need to do the above for each colt player and not for themselves

The current list of members who are interested in using the nets can be seen at this link
Only members of SccAstroNets will be able to book the nets. They can do so on a first come first served basis. They must state clearly the name of their fellow member(s) occupying the net with them. If you have any problems with this booking module contact Ranjit Gopi.

New Booking Examples

Where Ranjit (father) Arjun (colt son) and Aaryan (adult son).

Valid Booking Examples

• Same Household : Ranjit posts a message: NET2 9am Ranjit & Aaryan
• Same Household: Ranjit posts a message: NET2 9am Ranjit, Arjun & Aaryan
• Different Household: Sam posts a message: NET2 9am Sam & Aaryan

Invalid Booking Examples

• Ranjit books a net for 9am without any attendees
• Ranjit books a net for 9am with only Arjun as the attendee - as a Colt on his own Arjun cannot be allowed in the net

Authorised Coaching Sessions

• John Maunders & John Ventham will be running 1:1 coaching sessions in pre-booked slots; contact details of their clients are also being captured - as per the tracing requirements for Covid-19 as above
• parents will not be allowed in the net complex at any time during these sessions and must observe social distancing requirements at all times

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