A Summer Too Short By Far

A Summer Too Short By Far

By News Editor
7 September
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Winter warmers to look look forward to - can we afford midweek football?

Our Summer
We have been living through extraordinary days since the pandemic struck to brutal effect through March and April, radically changing the world around us. It was a joy therefore to be able to welcome the cameo appearance that cricket visited upon us in the latter part of the summer.

The enthusiasm for the return of the game of cricket has not been exceeded in the lifetime of most of us with, against all the odds, a sharp increase in playing membership, the introduction of the Surrey Slam T20, a reinvigorated midweek U19 Viitaity Blast competition and the fielding of a 6th team, no less, on selected Saturdays.

If the pandemic has been humbling, the unexpected resurgence of cricket has been heartwarming - we need that spirit to continue through the winter.

Our Winter
The forthcoming winter under the guidance of Covid precautions poses another challenge.

In recent years we have opened the bar on winter midweek evenings as a service to members, but they have not been profitable, and we have had to decide that this is a service to members that we cannot afford to maintain, for this winter at least.

Many winter weekends have also been a challenge in the past but we see scope for reshaping our weekends with themed evenings for members.

Winter Opening Arrangements Commencing Tuesday 15th September
In view of the above bar opening will generally be restricted to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Possibility of Midweek Football
In order to open for any mid week event we must be confident of bar turnover of £150.

We shall be experimenting therefore with midweek football showing on Sunbury CC TV commencing with the three televised Monday Premier League matches on 14th, 21st and 28th September. The bar will open at 7:00pm.

We shall also be open for Tuesday’s match between England and Denmark.

If we cannot achieve £150 for a midweek opening we shall not be able to open other than at weekends. We shall review the success of midweek football periodically, initially taking stock of the attendance in the bar for these first three Monday matches.

Our Attractions: Friday Evenings
Friday evening food has been a huge success during the summer and we plan to continue with it through the winter. The Surplus to Supper Café will become more restaurant than café with plated food and potentially a take away service for members. Plans are in preparation and more information will follow shortly.

Our Attractions: Saturday Evenings
We are also putting together plans for Saturday evenings with periodic and one off member events. On the list under investigation and/or planning are themed evenings based on cheese and wine, gin and Prosecco, gin tastings, cocktail evenings and special events on post pay day Saturdays. Our friends at Fevertree are also putting together a gin menu for us.

Our Attractions: Sunday Roasts
Sunday Roasts are planned courtesy of the café. More details are to follow.

If you have ideas for us to consider to enliven the Club during the winter we should be delighted to hear from you in the comments section below.

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