Sunbury Ashes 2017/18 Prediction Competition

Good afternoon all,

Hope everyone is well.

With the clocks going back and the leaves falling many of our thoughts turn to The Ashes down under and the excitement of staying up through the night watching the action.

I have made up an Ashes Prediction Competition so we can have a go at trying to predict the outcome of this series and enjoy the action even if England do go down early. There are 20 questions for you to have a go at and we will find the ultimate judge!

Money will be split 50/50 between the outright winner and Sunbury cricket club, providing us with some extra funds for the season!

So in order to enter there is a £10 entry fee. More in the pot, more we make for the club and more for the winner. Due to the time constraints I’ll only be accepting entry by bank transfer. These details have been sent to everyone via the club email and are on all the teams respective whatsapp groups!

A few rules for you:

-Entries must be in by 11:00pm on Wednesday 22nd November (1 hour before first test).

-Multiple entries accepted.

-No entry fee=no entry, its for the club guys!

-All questions stand regardless of player being dropped/injured/having a bar fight at 4am.

-1 point per correct answer.

-If an answer to question is a tie (unlikely but possible) it will be 1 point each.

-For tiebreaker question, it is who bats at number 11 on the scorecard, if a number 11 is not used it will be recorded as 0.

So please use the link below to enter your answers, there’s no need to inform me when you have done as your answers will be sent directly to me. I will input all entries into a spreadsheet and you will have that before the first test.

PLEASE FORWARD TO FRIENDS/COLLEAGUES, send them this email directly and they can enter straight away. We really want lots of entries to boost that pot! It only takes 5 minutes to enter and will raise some great money for the club!


Thank you and good luck!

Please ask any questions you may have – 07795 318777.

Alex Hughes

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