Saturday Cricket

Saturday Cricket

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd XIs play in the Surrey Championship in their respective Premier Divisions and the 4th XI play in Division 1, the premier 4th League of the same Championship providing fixtures and XIs to suit most competitve standards.

Our 1st XI play in the top flight of club cricket in the Premier Division of the Surrey Championship with some of our players making regular or occasional appearances for County 1st and 2nd XIs and where many of our opponents field overseas 1st Class players with aspirations to play international cricket. Other players, including some in the 2nd XI have also also represented the Club Cricket Conference at home and on tour overseas.

Whereas the 1st XI represents the pinnacle of our cricketing achievements and has established a reputation of which we are rightly proud, our 2nd XI is the traditional mixture of former or aspiring 1st XI players, as well as few more for whom the 2nd XI is the maximum level of their capabilities.

The 3rd and 4th XIs have a similar mixture, albeit with an inevitable tendency to a wider age range. These XIs provide a competitive yet sociable standard of cricket with older players, some of them distinctly middle aged, or beyond, providing leadership to the younger players making their way up the XIs.

Selection for Saturday XIs is based on merit and, where appropriate to the circumstances, on promoting the development of younger players.

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