How to access “Members Area”?

How to enter the members’ area:

To enter the members area you will have to login.

To login and set/reset your password:

a) visit the website – unchanged from before

b) click “MEMBERS AREA” on the far right of the header line

c) wait a second or two and you will be prompted for login:

i) if you have not already registered follow the registration process including your username, email and password along with any other details asked; or

ii) if you have registered and are experiencing difficulties logging in, click “reset password” and an email will be sent to your email account. Follow the link and set password of your choice.

Remember it is the username (not email) that you need with your password to login.


Any Issues

Please highlight any issues to and we shall either answer you direct or issue general guidance if it is an issue of wider relevance.

– Sunbury Cricket Club

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