Mission Statement

Sunbury CC must be at the forefront of domestic club cricket in Surrey and SE England. We must have a vibrant membership at all levels, maximising development of our players, both colts and seniors. We will compete with the best clubs in both Colts and senior teams in all premier leagues and cups we enter. We will provide the support and encouragement to members to ‘achieve their full potential’. Sunbury Cricket Club aims to be at the heart of the local community/area.


  • Harness and develop all young cricketers so they have the opportunity to contribute to the game of cricket at all levels and play a central role in club cricket life.
    Maintain a Colts section above 250 of which: 140+ will be U10 and below;, 110+ at U11 – U15; with 25+ Colts to progress to Sunbury senior sides. 20+ Colts to play for County or District teams. Maintain 1st Class coaching to all age groups weekly with a comprehensive coaching schedule and compete with teams from U9 upwards. Always play for fun, but compete to win.
  • Develop and strengthen a structure and pathway for women and girls to actively participate in and follow cricket.
    To further develop opportunities for increased participation of girls in the colts grasshopper sessions. To strengthen links with Shepperton Ladies CC to ensure proper progression and development of young girl cricketers. Consider the possibility of creating our own colts girls team over the next 5-10 years.
  • Develop and strengthen the whole club environment, promoting cricketing opportunities for disabled people.
    Endeavour to cater for the diverse nature of all cricketing opportunities. Equal opportunity principles are applied fairly at all levels within the club. Make necessary changes to the clubhouse infrastructure to cater for a diverse user group.
  • Develop and promote cricket for black and ethnic minorities.
    We are committed to the ECB policy of equality. Ensure that black and ethnic minorities are fairly represented throughout the club, in line with local community demographics. Equal opportunity principles are observed in all club initiatives.
  • Ensure that our cricket club is an integral part of the local community, contributing an invaluable service to all sections of the local community, developing club members, supporters and volunteers.
    Throughout the club membership retain the importance of the local community. 62% of members live within 3 miles and 84% within 5 miles of the club. Continue to strengthen local school links, particularly with Sunbury Manor School and Twickenham Prep. Involve local branch and community in Natwest CricketForce event. Engender a strong culture of participation and volunteering. We have and continue to increase the number and participation of non-playing members. We will host key cricket fixtures and open grounds to community events.
  • Develop and strengthen senior playing teams, providing positive role models to all club members, leading achievement and success.
    2011 saw greater focus on the development of younger club players at senior levels. This will continue into 2012 and beyond. Champion the club ethic amongst the teams to ensure that ‘Team Sunbury’ is successful at all levels. We aim for Top half positions in Premier leagues across all senior elevens and for successful cup runs. Captains and players to give full adherence of the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ ethos. Encourage colts to play in our Sunday Academy team as an introduction to adult cricket and the older colts to play in our Surrey Youth Development League Team.



To be the best club for Colts and by doing so be at the forefront of domestic club cricket in SE England. We recognise the need to maintain our grounds to the highest level possible. We now have a working bore hole and a more efficient watering system, as it saves considerable costs on water and reduces demands on the local water distribution infrastructure. We have secured a new scarifier but the new motorised roller did not materialise. it remains a priority on the ground remit. We are in the process of establishing a machinery fund to cover expected ground expense over a rolling 5 year period. Our grounds have been recognised by the many county management who have visited this year as excellent. It is only continuing hard work that will maintain us at this level. The new third square on the lower outfield has provided additional colts wickets for U12 age groups and below which allows us to cope with the increased demands from the the Colts section. Finally having recognised the need to update our clubhouse facilities, we have had the first initial meetings to move this initiative forward. That is a badly needed modernisation of the footprint to match the standards of our ground and the standard of cricket played on it. This will help to attract more community interest in the club and clubhouse thus generating more income to develop into a more financially sustainable club.