Chairman of Selectors Concern for Other XIs

The 1st X1 are continuing on their merry way and have a 100% record, but the results of the other league sides are, to say the least, disappointing.

The results from yesterday, 28 May, are as follows

2ndX1 SUNBURY 169 AO SPENCER 170-7

The common denominator in all of these matches, as has been the case with the earlier rounds, is clearly the batting. Availability has been poor and inconsistent, although promises to get better once Uni students, exams and schools cricket comes to an end, but that is still a few weeks off so we really do need to get in the right mind-set. Players have been forced to play in elevens of a slightly higher standard than last year, so are under pressure. What can we do – the answer is PRACTICE. Nets on Tuesdays and Thursdays have generally been poorly attended – except the 1s on Thursdays which gets more or less 100% attendance. This TUESDAY is crunch time – PLEASE DO YOUR VERY BEST TO ATTEND (6.30pm onwards) – everyone needs practice.

With the 2s one from bottom, the 3s two from bottom and the 4s rock bottom we all need to work at our game if we are to continue our proud record of being in the Premier Divisions of each of the respective leagues – as the 1st X1 sing ‘YOU ARE MY SUNBURY’ with gusto but not very well, we should all adapt that same attitude, we are a proud club with a great history, let’s not let it slip.

Tony Schaffer

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