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We enjoy excellent facilities supported by wide range of fixtures and welcome current players and those resuming the game after a break.

We play competitive cricket in all 4 XIs on Saturdays and a mixture of competitive and social cricket on Sundays. Players’ ages, particularly in our lower XIs on Saturdays and in our Sunday XIs, range from teenagers to a few in their 50s and 60s who are still able to put in a passable performance.

Special rates are available for younger players aged 18-21 and students in full time further education.

Any club member can claim a £50 payment who introduces a new adult playing member to the club. This is paid or offset against the existing members subscription once the new member has paid their full fee.

More information about our adult cricket section is under “The Club” tab or contact the Membership Secretary.

Adult Subscriptions for 2017 Season
Base membership subscription is £100 if paid by 30 April.
This may be paid in instalments monthly starting January.
If not paid by 30 April this will rise to £120.

Additional Subscription for Saturday Players Match Fee
Adult Senior (over 21) £80 £10
Adult Junior (18-21 or full-time students) £50 £5

The additional subscription must be paid by 31 May.
Match Fees are capped at 35 games, match fees are not paid after the player has played 35 games.

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