Adult Cricket Awards 2015

Adult cricket awards were made at The Players’ Supper in the clubhouse on 16th October.

2015 Individual Awards

1000 Runs Curtis Higgins 1102
Team Tankards 1st XI Rhythm Bedi
2nd XI Saran Kalsi
3rd XI Lomesh Sharma
4th XI Jay Plaha

2015 Main Awards

Bill Kincaid Cup – Sunday Player of the Year Jay Plaha
Val Moore Cup – Outstanding Work from a Player Nobby Clarke
The HGM Trophy – Colts’ Clubmanship Jack Greaves
John Salter Cup – Most Improved Player Saran Kalsi
Ben Freeman Award – Coaching Award for Promising Young Player Jack Southby
President’s Cup Winning team:
R Bedi (c)
S Burgess
C Fulton
A Hughes
J Birch
M Smith
Frank Fields Cup – Most Promising Young Player Amar Virdi
Bruce Macdonald 31,459 Batting Trophy Curtis Higgins
Geoff Kaye Trophy – Team of the Year 1st XI and 3rd XI
Bert Emmett Cup – Outstanding Service to the Club Burgess Family
John Isles Cup – Outstanding Match Winning Performance Adam London
Ross Smith Trophy – Player of the Year John Maunders


1st XI Sean Ventham 2 May v Weybridge 140*
Adam London 25 Apr v Twickenham 106
9 May v Beddington 125
18 Jul v Sutton 118*
15 Aug v Valley End 115
John Maunders 16 May v Wimbledon 116*
30 May v Reigate Priory 144*
6 Jun v Normandy 105
Chris Green 6 Jun v Normandy 178
29 Aug v Leatherhead 107*
2nd XI Ross Wright 27 Jun v Weybridge 113
Darren London 5 Sep v Weybridge 127
3rd XI Sean Ventham 11 Apr v Chingford 139*
Harveer Mahajan 25 Jul v Reigate Priory 101
Curtis Higgins 15 Aug v Wimbledon 130*
Chieftains Rajan Soni 21 Jun v Spencer 160*
Development XI Ellis Miah 17 May v Braywood 118
Vic Rathore 5 Jul v Cove 127
Micky Serpant 9 Aug v Cobham Avorians 107
Squires Simon Young 26 Apr v Reigate Priory 117*
Micky Serpant 19 Aug v Surrey Seniors 103
Club XI Ishy Sohi 22 Jul v Sydenhurst Rablers 103
Rohan Luthra 3 Aug v Jack Frost XI 101*

6 or more Wickets

2nd XI Danny Pope 27 Jun v Weybridge 8.5-1-42-6
4th XI Bill Kincaid 23 May v Streatham and Marlborough 8-0-51-6

Wicket Keeping – 5 or more victims

Adam London 20 Jun 1st XI v Valley End 4 catches, 1 stumping
Adam London 27 Jun 1st XI v Weybridge 6 catches
Edward Hughes 8 Aug 3rd XI v Dulwich 5 catches
Edward Hughes 9 Aug Chieftains v Walton 4 catches, 1 stumping


Bill Kincaid 23 May 4th XI v Streatham and Marlborough

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