£500 draw in clubhouse on Saturday!

You have to be in it to win it. There are 36 cash prizes a year for the 140 or so members! The quarterly £500 winner will be drawn on Saturday evening in the clubhouse. It is not too late to be in the draw for those of you not yet in the 100 Club.

If you want to be part of this major fund raiser contact John London. John will issue you with your number/s and a Standing Order form. Cost is only £5 per month per number. There is no limit to the numbers held by an individual.

If John receives the completed Standing Order form before the draw, you will be entered in the May draw.

At present the prize monies* paid out each month are:
A first prize of £500 in February, May, August and November. £100 in all other months.
Second prize of £50 every month.
Third prize of £30 every month.

*Prize monies are reviewed on a regular basis to equate to 50% pa of the total income.

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